Awaroa Organic Winery

We are a small organic vineyard / winery on Waiheke Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. Awaroa is run by six partners, all with a shared common interest in making the best possible wine we can. We follow best organic practice and all viticulture and harvesting is done by hand. To order wines immediately go straight to the store (list of all wines). There you will find information available on each of our wines, including awards. 


Waiheke Island

We grow our grapes and produce our wines organically, while protecting and enhancing the land and its ecosystems. Our natural spring feeds into the Awaawaroa stream and is surrounded by established bush including Totara and Kauri. We have three vineyards planted on protected gently sloping north-west facing hills in the geographical centre of Waiheke Island. The soil is a mineral rich clay, highly suitable for the varieties we grow.

Our wines have won many accolades.Our latest results (Winestate 2016) include 5 stars for our 2014 Melba Peach Syrah and our 2014 Requiem, and 4 1/2  stars for 2014 The Dan and 2014 Awaroa Syrah. The 2015 Vintage is being released on November 27th 2016.